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"Reprograming the subconscious mind"

How can we do that?

Affirmations are a perfect way to reprogram the mind but they have to be practiced in a certain way to be effective. A lot of people think that by repeating them a lot of times makes it work but what makes it work is actually the time that you do them at. The best time that we can access the subconscious mind is when our brain waves are in theta state. The theta state brain wave is achieved when we are in a meditative state and full relaxation. Which normally happens when we just wake up or start to fall asleep. The subconscious mind takes up to 90% of our mind which makes it important to reprogram unlimited beliefs that we have been programmed with and replacing them with positive ones.  Affirmations practiced when we are in a theta brain wave and as a daily practice can create a huge positive impact in our mood and potential. It has to be a daily practice to make a positive impact in our daily lives. Theta brain wave can also be achieved by entering into a meditative state. Methods to help you get into the theta state are : 



Binaural beats 

Self hipnosis 

Sound healing


By the age of 7 years old we have already formed our subconscious mind and patterns. Which make our first years of our lives the most important for development. Many times we can get triggered by events that are similar to our childhood without knowing it because it is stored in our subconscious mind. That is why inner child work is also recommended while helping reprogram the mind. 

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