"Star Sisters have recently made their way into our hands and have truly changed our lives."

- SMP Living

"My daughters are hooked!  I am always looking for new, interesting, age-appropriate books for my girls and we struck gold with Star Sisters."

- Kiki's List

"It's a great chapter book for little bookworms...just enough magic, wit, adventure, and friendship to keep parents and kids engaged and entertained.  My daughter begged me to read more every night!"

- The Shopping Mama

"Has ready made appeal for kids who like their fiction frilly..."

- Publishers Weekly

"Star Sisters books are a wonderful chapter style format to read with your little ones.  There is also a necklace available for purchase.  They make a wonderful gift set!"

- Shelter Blog

"[My daughter] is a girl who does not really like fairies and princesses (at least that is what she claims) but in this case, she read the book in one swoop."

- Babycinno Kids

What moms are saying about Star Sisters:

"Earnest, sweet characters, and the writing is crisp and fresh. Plus, an entertained mama reading to her daughter who kept pleading for one more chapter makes for some magical cuddle time in bed." - Tara

"What a delightful story for both me and my 5 year old daughter! The story whisks the reader away into a world of magic and perfect-little-girl-fantasy while modeling concrete examples of kindness and friendship." - Shana

"The combination of a touch of magic for my daughter and a witty, modern narrative for me makes this book a winner for our family. Looking forward to future installments!" - Emily  

"I couldn't wait to pick up this book each evening with my girls!  I think I may enjoy it as much as they do!" - Cara

"After I put my daughter to bed, I picked up Star Sisters and the Royal Wedding and finished it while she was sleeping. Shhhh…don't tell her! So well written and loved the royal wedding theme." - Dana