Meet Coco and Lucy, two ordinary girls with two extraordinary star necklaces.  When the necklaces come together, Coco and Lucy are magically whisked away on kindness spreading adventures.  Are you up for some Star Sisters fun?  Then ready, set, read!

Star Sisters and the Royal Wedding (Volume 1)

It's the night before the royal wedding of the century and all is not well in Luckingham Palace.  When Princess-to-be Caroline and her sister Poppy have a fight over Poppy's wedding attire, both sisters feel their friendship being tested.  Will the event the world has been waiting for be ruined?  Not with the Star Sisters on the way!  Join Coco and Lucy as they travel to London and save the day with the help of a friendly seamstress, some creative thinking, and a big helping of sisterly love.  

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Star Sisters and the Big Show (Volume 2)

Trina Fast loves to be up on stage with the microphone turned up high and her guitar in her hands.  But when Trina writes a song about her friend Lake for the summer camp talent show that hurts Lake's feelings, she learns an important lesson about the power of her own voice.  It's summertime and Coco and Lucy are ready to dive into the swimming pool and another great adventure about the meaning of friendship.  

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Star Sisters and the Great Skate (Volume 3)

Figure skaters Nina and Tara have dreamed of going to the Olympics since they laced up their first pair of ice skates.  But when Nina falls and hurts her knee the day of the qualifying competition, it turns out that her slip was more than just an accident.  Join Coco and Lucy as they take to the ice to help a little girl learn a whole lot about sportsmanship, kindness, and the importance of saying "I'm sorry." Welcome to a whole new kind of reading fun!

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Star Sisters and the Best Seller (Volume 4)

K.J Dowling has big dreams of writing a book.  But when no one takes her seriously, she starts to doubt herself.  It's Coco and Lucy to the rescue in an urban adventure in the city where dreams come true - NYC.  Join the girls as they make their way through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, around Central Park and down 5th Avenue to show one special little girl that being different is a good thing and believing in yourself is even better.  An inspiring read for everyone with big dreams.

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