Oh, Hello There!

It's been almost two months since I last updated this blog.  Oops!  Part of me wants to be like that person in the grocery store, you know, the one who sees you sweating while you push one of those monster carts with the plastic cars in front that have the turning radius of an 18-wheeler, your kids literally spilling out of it, who smiles at you and says, "Oh, the time just goes by so fast, doesn't it?"

Well, no.  Not always.  Sometimes as a parent the days go really, really slowly.  It's the same thing for writers (at least for this writer).  Sometimes the days go really, really slowly and I feel like I'm slogging along with nothing to show for myself.  So while I wish I could say that I've been so productive writing something new that time has just slipped through my fingers, that's not the case.  I've been looking for my next story and have been trying a little of everything, waiting to see what clicks.  I've been writing a lot, but it has not been the happy cheerful writing that makes me want to blog and share my thoughts with the world.  

But, in a novel twist of events, I've decided that's okay.  Star Sisters totally clicked for me.  I remember the moment when I thought, "Yes, this is it!  This is my story and I'm making this sucker happen."  But it took me many attempts to get there.  (You all should see the mess that is my old documents file.)  But I know I'm going to get that feeling again.  I think the trick for me is to stop trying to write what's hot in the industry or what I know is selling well right now.  I need to go back to the basics.  For me, that means one thing - thinking only about what I want to read to my girls at night.  That's it.  That's where I get my motivation, my ideas, my love for what I do.  It comes from me to them.  Period.    

So now I'm trying to channel this level of chill about my writing.  Oh, to be seven!

Of course, this piece by Pamela Druckerman in this week's NY Times came at exactly the right time.  I love Pamela Druckerman and find so much inspiration in her words.  Bringing Up Bebe is probably the only parenting book I've ever read cover to cover.  Plus, I really love it when people I admire tell me that it's okay to feel like your brain is empty, to have horrible first attempts, and also to be obsessive.  Check, check, and check!

P.S. Stay tuned for some great summer reading recs.  I feel like the book industry is on fire right now.  I've been reading a ton of great new releases that I can't wait to tell you all about.