Super Important Update!

Breaking news!  (No, Star Sisters Book 5 is not out.  Thank you all for your lovely emails and messages about kids asking for another book.  I promise you that I'm working hard on lots of things, I'm just not sure what form those things are going to take.)  But....  in other important news I did meet someone very cool this weekend!

Let's review.  Anyone remember this blog post?  Long story short, I love Ina Garten.  I think she's such an inspiring woman and when my cartoon head was featured alongside hers in Family Circle Magazine I was totally thrilled.  Wanna see it again?

She came to my town a few months ago to speak and do a book signing.  I was tempted to go, but it was being held in an enormous auditorium and I didn't want to have to stand in a long line only to have her quickly sign my book and then be rushed onwards by her publicist. I mean, we're such close cartoon people, you know?  

And then, just this weekend, I took my middle daughter to NYC for her birthday.  We were up at 'em early Sunday morning and took a cab to my favorite breakfast spot on the Upper East Side.  Since it was 7:50am, in New York City, on a Sunday, the place was totally empty except for.... wait for it... Ina and her husband Jeffrey!  I rounded the corner and there they were, having a lovely morning breakfast.  It was as if they were waiting just for me!  (Okay, obviously not.  Clearly I've been writing a few too many books for five year old girls).  But we did make eye contact and I just froze and put my hand to my heart.  Ina smiled so welcomingly that I went over to say hello.  I told her all about our cosmic cartoon connection, although I'm fairly certain she had no idea what I was talking about.  But here's the thing - she was so lovely.  She wanted to know all about my daughter and our weekend plans.  As I slowly backed away, lest I appear even more creepy than I actually am, I just said, "Thank you so much."  Because I really did want to thank her for being the inspiring business woman she is and for not blowing me off.  For not crushing this image that I have of her in my head as some kind of distant life/career mentor, someone who's whispering into the winds that blow from her kitchen to my writing desk: "Follow your dreams.  Never give up.  And yes, you should absolutely help yourself to another chocolate chip cookie."  (And also for that turkey lasagna recipe in her Family Style Cookbook because it's amazing and I make it all winter long.  Recipe here).

So there you have it.  Celebrity sightings Star Sisters style!