Yes, I totally meant to channel Adele's new song with this blog title.  Have you heard it?  It's haunting and beautiful.  I feel like someone (me? someday?) could write an entire novel inspired by its message.  I've been playing it on repeat so often that my three-year old can now sing the entire thing.  She's always a few beats behind and off key.  It's adorable.

The other thing I've been listening to is Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me?  Mindy and I had this thing a while back.  It was awesome and I'm sure she still thinks about it all the time.  You can read about it here.  Anyway, the book is hilarious.  But it's also inspiring.  There were several times when I wished I was reading, not listening to, Why Not Me because I would have stopped, reread, and highlighted many of the passages relating to confidence and putting your work out there.  One of the best things about Mindy is she doesn't apologize for feeling confident.  She works her butt off, she loves what she does, and she puts her stuff out there.  Haters can hate, judgers can judge, but its not going to stop her from being making things happen.  And to that I say, amen!

One other thing I've been reading to my daughter and loving is The Adventures of Miss Petitfour by Anne Michaels, illustrated by Emma Block.  It's a collection of four stories about a wonderful character named Miss Petitfour who goes flying around her village via tablecloth with her sixteen cats swirling along behind her.  The book is physically beautiful, with lovely illustrations and a pink silk ribbon for marking your place.  And the language!  The language is amazing!  This is a book that really should be read out loud as the sentences are heavenly.  Want to read the intro?

Some adventures are so small, you hardly know they've happened.  Like the adventure of sharpening your pencil to a perfect point, just before it breaks and that little bit gets stuck in the sharpener.  That, I think we can all agree, is a very small adventure.

Other adventures are so big and last so long, you might forget they are adventures at all -- like growing up.

And some adventures are just the right size -- fitting into a single, magical day.  And these are the sort of adventures Miss Petitfour had.

Reading this book with my daughter has made me think about my own writing.  It's reminded me how much I love writing for this chapter book age group.  It's such a wonderful age where you can add a touch of magic to a story and make it shine.  Girls can have magical necklaces that take them around the world, people can float through a village via a tablecloth sail, and happy endings can be had by all.

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