In The Air

Misty Copeland via Elle Magazine

Misty Copeland via Elle Magazine

There's something in the air these days that I'm loving - a new kind of empowerment message aimed at young women and girls.  I'm seeing and hearing it in commercials, on Facebook, on the radio, and even at the toy store.  Take the following campaigns:

Always: Like A Girl

Pantene: Not Sorry

Under Armour: I Will What I Want

Goldie Box: Like a Princess

These campaigns are awesome!  (And all seem to draw inspiration from the groundbreaking "Dove: Real Beauty" campaign from a few years ago.)  Obviously these companies are not perfect, no monster corporation is.  Just like no mother is always the perfect example for own daughter.  I know I'm not.  I have my moments where I look in the mirror and sigh at the way my jeans are fitting, only to notice a tiny little face watching me with those big eyes that take in every little thing, that pick up on every little sigh.  All I'm saying is that I love the message.  I love that all the money, resources, and brain power that it takes to produce these kind of videos is being spent on helping girls recognize their own self-worth.  On helping them see the beauty and power within.  

It's really inspiring and it's made me a think a lot about what I put out into the world.  Because even if my voice is a small one (at least for now), more and more girls are reading my words every day.  They are taking in my thoughts and stories and, as much as I want my writing to entertain, I also want it to teach.  That's why every story I write centers around kindness.  That's why no matter where in the world Coco and Lucy go, they don't return home until they've left it a better place, until they've helped someone.  But now I want to take my message even farther.  I've got this idea turning in my head for a new spin-off series based on this awesome message that's floating in the air.  Now I've just got to get this idea down on paper.  That's the fun part.

In the meantime, I am SO proud of Star Sisters and the Best Seller, which is coming out on Monday!  It's inspired by J.K. Rowling, a brilliant woman who has been a huge source of inspiration to me.  The book centers around a little girl (K.J. Dowling) who wants to be a writer.  No one takes her seriously and she's feeling pretty down, until Coco and Lucy come to the rescue and convince her not to give up.  To never stop trying.  It's the perfect book for any girl with big dreams.  And the New York City setting is the icing on the cake.  Don't Coco and Lucy look like so happy on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art?