Soul Cycle

Post work-out pic with Todd from Soul Cycle.  

Post work-out pic with Todd from Soul Cycle.  

Star Sisters and the Great Skate comes out on Tuesday!  I love each of my books for different reasons, but this one has special meaning for me because it's about something that dominated a lot of my life - the sport of figure skating.  Loosely inspired by the Nancy Kerrigan/Tanya Harding incident all those years ago, Star Sisters and the Great Skate finds Coco and Lucy at the United States National Figure Skating Championships where they help a little girl learn a whole lot about sportsmanship and the importance of saying "I'm sorry".

But you can learn all that from the back cover.  What you may not know is that I was obsessed with figure skating growing up.  OBSESSED.  I spent every afternoon and some very early mornings on the ice.  I was never good enough to be a top national skater, but that didn't matter to me.  What I loved was the feeling of being on the ice.  The speed, the strength, the grace.  I loved throwing myself into the air and knowing, without a doubt, that several rotations later I would land backwards on a tiny steel blade.  I loved that I was out there on my own.  That when some mean girls were tormenting me in middle school or boys were ignoring me in high school, I could escape to the ice and, with some good music playing in the background, take control.

I hope that some of that passion comes through in this book.  I'm pretty sure it does because, as I was writing it, I thought a lot about how much I missed the sport.  College, careers, marriage, and, oh yeah, kids, tend to shift our focus from competitive sports to working out.  Over the years I've gone through yoga kicks (too quiet) and tennis kicks (too hard to schedule), until recently finding Soul Cycle.

And I love it!  It took me a few classes of pain to figure out why.  But once I got the hang of it and built up some endurance, I realized that the feeling I get from Soul Cycle is a lot like what I got from ice skating.  The room is dark, the music is awesome, and it's just me on my bike getting strong and zoning out the rest of the world.  The pic above is of one of my favorite teachers, Todd.  He's a former volunteer firefighter and yes, my husband is very tired of hearing me talk about him.  But he also gets in your head in a way that forces you to push yourself past what you think you can do.  It's that same feeling of speed and power and strength that I loved growing up.  Only I now get it on a bike minus, thankfully, the scrunchies and skirted leotards.

But guess who is rocking the skating outfits with major style?  Coco and Lucy!  Check them out below and please look out for this book next week.  Let's keep the Star Sisters love going with another great kindness spreading adventure!