The Vacationers

Last week I was able to sneak away from real life and escape to St. Barths for a few days with my husband.  Like every good Vogue and US Weekly reader, I was familiar with St. Barths' reputation as a tropical playground for the rich and famous and I am here to say that Beyonce is no fool, there is a reason why she and Jay-Z vacation there.  It is beautiful!  But you also have to be Beyonce to hang there in the shopping department.  For example, I found these adorable bathing suits that I thought would be perfect for Coco and Lucy's next adventure, so I took a picture to send to my illustrator, Annie Zimanski.  They were so well made that I figured I'd grab a few suits for my own girls who are, after all, the inspiration behind my two fictional characters.  Then came the price tag.  No go!  It was crazy, even in euros.  So sadly those suits are still in St. Barths waiting for some adorable little European sisters to take them to the beach.  Maybe their super stylish mom will pack Star Sisters in their beach bag once the series is such a huge hit that it gets translated into many languages.  Dream big, right?

Anyway, while on vacation I managed to devour three whole books (!) and I have to recommend one in particular - The Vacationers by Emma Straub.  It was a great summer story about a family of New Yorkers who travel to Mallorca for a two week vacation.  Every family member is struggling with something heavy but Straub keeps the book light by showing the complicated ways that family members dance around each others' problems.  It was both funny and deep, with a touch of love and a great European island setting.  A perfect summer read.  Plus, check out this cover.  Man, I love a good cover!

And of course, the perfect pint size companion to any adult summer novel is Star Sisters and The Big Showon sale now!  In this book Coco and Lucy rock some pretty cute bathing suits, even if they aren't St. Barths inspired!