Necklaces Straight from Illustria!

Exciting news: magical star necklaces arrived from the land of Illustria!  These necklaces could not be more perfect.  Unless, of course, the stars actually changed from stone to emerald, but I'm writing this straight off an awesome Soul Cycle class and am choosing to celebrate the present (and reality).  

But really, I'm so thrilled with these necklaces.  The pendants are acrylic so they're light-weight with a cool translucent quality.  The chord is waxed cotton with no annoying clasp so kids can actually put them on themselves and adjust them to the perfect length.  And the gold beads give a pop of something special and make the necklaces look just like Coco and Lucy's.  I hope they inspire lots of kindness spreading adventures at home!

My full shipment is not coming in for about two weeks, but I have two necklaces all ready and I’d love to give them to two wonderful fans.  Here’s the kicker: I would also love more amazon reviews.  I know that if you’re reading this you probably have young kids and your day is full of tons of little things that people ask you to do, things that all mush and spin together and add up to a lot of time and brain space.  My own brain spins with those kind of little things all day long and I get how sometimes adding one more tiny thing to your list makes you want to scream in a way that is completely irrational.  (Trust me, you would not believe how much time I just spent trying to stuff an ice cream cone shaped piñata with candy.)  So as a way of saying thank you, if you write an amazon review I’ll enter your name into a raffle and pick two winners to receive a free star necklace.  I'll pick one winner from the Royal Wedding reviews and one winner from the Big Show reviews.  Just send me an email here and let me know that you’d like to be entered.  And if you’ve already written a review and I know who you are, I’ll enter your name for you.  Winners will be picked next Monday.  

And speaking of to-do lists that make you feel like your head’s going to explode, I’m getting ready to take a big one off your list.  Book bundles are coming soon!  With a click of a button you can get one, two, or three Star Sisters books with a personal inscription and star necklace all beautifully wrapped and delivered to your door.  Say good-bye to birthday party present panic.  Coco and Lucy are getting ready to spread their kindness to hard working mamas everywhere!

As soon as they're ready you'll be able to purchase the necklaces here.  They'll sell for $14.95 but will be discounted when bought as part of a book bundle.  Can't wait to see them on little Cocos and Lucys everywhere!