Bling It

My husband's been in California all week for work which is 99% terrible and 1% good.  Terrible because he's the best guy in the world and we all miss him.  (Especially this morning when my 20 month old came down with the stomach bug right as I was trying to get everyone off to school, that was awesome!)  But good because, as someone who is responsible for the feeding, dressing, bathing, entertaining, and general sheparding through life of three little people, I love having the house to myself at night.  I can order sushi and plop on the couch for some serious Bravo TV time without anyone questioning how in the world I can stand to watch such crap.  I just can.  There's no rational explanation.

I've also had more time to read at night and I'm currently loving The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier.  It's my favorite kind of historical fiction, one that intersperses a historical story line with a contemporary one.  A great example of this literary style is The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Meyes.  If you haven't read that or Meyes' other recent novel Me Before You please stop whatever you are doing and buy them.  Her novels are amazing.  I promise.  

But I digress.  In The Lost Sisterhood there is a bronze bracelet that is of great significance and weaves the two stories together.  It got me thinking about the emotional importance of jewelry.  I'm not just talking about engagement rings or wedding bands (although if you want to read a great novel about the history behind diamond engagement rings pick up The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan).  I'm thinking about unique jewelry that tugs at us for other reasons.  For me, one piece of jewelry that I feel really emotional about is my Heather Moore necklace.  Moore makes engraved custom pieces that are beautifully subtle.  Her golds and silvers are worn and antique looking, as if handed down from an older generation.  My necklace has four charms, one for each of my daughters and one for my husband.  It hangs low and makes this great clanking sound when I walk.  But what I love most is that my girls will often come up to me and ask to see their name charm, almost like they are checking on it.  And when my perfect little angels are less than angelic and get in trouble, they will reach out to find their charm and play with it while we are discussing their latest antics.  My littlest one still loves to put the charms in her mouth when I am leaning over to change her diapers.  I just love it.  

Maybe this is why when I needed something of significance for my Star Sisters ladies, Coco and Lucy, I chose a pendant necklace.  Coco finds her necklace on the streets of Paris and Lucy finds her necklace in the bottom of a trunk of her grandmother's clothes.  When the necklace are brought together magic occurs.  You'll have to read Star Sisters and the Royal Wedding to learn all about the necklaces' mysterious origins!  But here's a sneak peak from Star Sisters and the Big Show of the ladies in their magic necklaces.  They wear them everywhere, even to the local swimming pool!  Aren't they cute in their bathing suits?  I love these girls!