The Rock Star on the Shelf

Writing a book is often compared to giving birth.  I'm not going to go there because way too many people already have.  (Pop quiz: which Real Housewife threw herself a book shower as pay back for all the baby showers she had attended?  Answer at bottom of the post.)  But I will state with authority that having a book out in the world is nothing like having a child out in the world.  When I walk into a bookstore and see Star Sisters and the Royal Wedding on the shelf, I don't simultaneously kiss its sweet head, want to know everything about its day, offer to hold its sweater, and field a bazillion questions about what's for dinner and can its new best book friend come over for a playdate.  I simply look at my first book and smile, knowing that when it gets invited over to some nice family's house it will remember all its manners and be a wonderful addition to their bookshelf.

However, if I simply had to compare a book to a child, then Star Sisters and the Big Show (which will be out in just a few days!) would definitely be a rock star kind of kid.  She would have started sleeping through the night at approximately six weeks of age, wake her parents up at 8 am with the sound of singing, and have an awesome sense of style that includes aviator sunglasses and pink cowboy boots.  (See inspiration photo of my daughter above).  I LOVE this book.  I've read it dozens of times to my girls because we all can't get enough.  Really, I smile just looking at it.

Star Sisters and the Big Show is inspired by a certain fashionable blond-haired star who writes killer songs about the men who've toyed with her heart.  It features the hit song, "We Are Never Ever Going Down The Slide Together" and provides lots of important lessons about how words, no matter how well intentioned, can hurt people's feelings.  But it's also a book about the joys of summer and the feeling of being young and jumping into a cool swimming pool on a hot day.  If you need more convincing check out one of my favorite images from the book:


And here's a peak of the star of the story, Trina Fast.  Anyone else think there's nothing better than a little girl in cowboy boots?  My middle daughter had a great hot pink pair with sequined stars from Target that she wore all winter long.  It's quite possible I will save those darling boots forever and ever and ever.       

Pop Quiz Answer: Carole Radziwill from Real Housewives of NYC (which is my favorite Real Housewives city of all time just in case you needed to know that sort of thing)!