Yep, it's Spring.  The time of year when I alternate between marveling at the gorgeous colors bursting from every tree and cursing the pollen that is wreaking havoc on my daughter's body.  It's also the time of year when my Pinterest account is full floral decor and beautiful gardens.  I LOVE Pinterest.  Probably a little too much.  Whenever I have a few moments to kill in a pick-up line or at Starbucks, my finger automatically goes for that tiny red icon like it needs a hit of some home decor e-drug.  I'm sure there are many problems with this addiction of mine, but one obvious one is that all these beautiful images tend to blur together.  Who knew there were so many stunning white kitchens with subway tile and brass hardware in the world!

But one set of pictures that always stand out and stop me in my tracks every time I see them are the ones from landscape architect Miranda Brooks' Brooklyn town home, originally featured in Vogue last year.   Her whole house is stunning, but it's her daughters' bedroom that I love best.  (And, of course, that garden pictured above.  Can you believe that's the city?)  

brooks girls bedroom 2.jpg

I definitely went a little more traditional/formal with my girls' bedrooms.  So far I have designed five little girl bedrooms (two when we lived in the city and three when we moved to our house in the suburbs).  The first few times I would patiently explain to my husband that I needed to go all out because who knew, it could be the last time I got to decorate a little girl room.  By bedroom number five he just threw his hands up in the air and admitted defeat before we even got to the decorating conversation.  Victory!  

I think what I love most about the little girl room above is the vibe of happiness that it gives off.  Clearly a lot of thought went into the wallpaper and the fuchsia trim on the drapes which is picked up by the red rug and the pop of color on the throw quilt.  But you can also picture Brooks's daughters running inside (after they tire of being in the garden with their fluffy pet bunnies) and plopping on the floor to play with their doll house.  That's what catches my eye on Pinterest these days - the feeling that a room gives off, as opposed to the design of the room.

Want to see the Star Sisters version of Pinterest?  Here's an image from Star Sisters and the Big Show, which I promise is coming out the first week of June!  Sweet Lucy, she's been dreaming of a canopy bed ever since she saw one in a magazine.  And thanks to the power of her magical star necklace, she finally gets to sleep in one.  I feel ya, Lucy.  I definitely dreamed of having a canopy bed when I was little.  If only I had had a magical necklace to make all my dreams come true.  Sigh.