A Love Letter

Dear Books,

I love you.  I love to read you and I love to write you.  Sometimes I get so emotionally involved with you that I park my enormous white minivan around the corner from my house so I can steal a few minutes alone in the front seat with you instead of going home, where I am needed.  Please don't tell my family.  

The other thing I love to do with you, dear books, is decorate my home.  I think you are the perfect style accessory.  Yes, I often judge by your cover.  And if I like what I see, I will steal you away and bring you home to live with me.  There you will stay for a long, long, long time.  At least until I can convince my husband that we should move so I can decorate another home and fill it with.....you!  Lots and lots of you!  

Love always,


Some shots of books that I've always loved (via pinterest):

Some shots from my own home: