Bye, Bye Baby.

This week I send pre-release copies of my first book to some very wonderful authors whose work I really respect and I am 90% thrilled, 9% nervous, and 1% terrified.  This Star Sisters project began as a simple dinner conversation between me and my husband.  He had just come downstairs after reading our oldest daughter a chapter book and, when I asked which book he read, he said he had no idea because his mind was somewhere else entirely.  Sadly, I understood the feeling.  (Side note: I know there are many fabulous chapter book series out there.  It just so happens that some of the ones our children love don't quite reach that bar.  Just my opinion, feel free to disagree).  My husband and I started joking around that there should be a chapter book series about all our favorite television shows.  A few weeks later I banged out three full books starring the women from Sex and the City as little girls.  Those were some funny books.  Each one was based around a television show like Modern Family, 90210, and a certain reality show that I'll keep to myself because it may offend some of the purists out there.  But sadly, there's this little thing called copyright infringement so I'll never publish those books.  But I love them because they got me started down this path.

It took me many, many more months of writing and rewriting and editing to come up with the final three books that I have now.  All those months were just me and my computer in the early morning hours (and occasionally my poor husband who I forced to read every single draft).  I've since shown the books to some wonderful friends but this is the first time they're going out into the world on their own.  I obviously hope everyone likes them.  I hope they love them and tell all their friends about them and give the books wildly glowing reviews on very social media platform known to mankind.  But I also know that I'm going to be okay if that's not the case.  Because that's the way this business works and I'm just honored just to be a part of this creative world that I've admired my whole life.  It's totally thrilling to put my work out there.  Seriously a dream come true.  So I'm sending these babies off with a pink bow and green star stamp and the rest is up to them.