Baby Steps (or Mocs).

star sisters mocs.jpg

Should you happen to ring my doorbell on an average Friday night, you would find me and my husband sprawled on the couch watching Shark Tank.  He and I have very different taste in television - one of us leans more Top Gear, while the other more Real Housewives of whatever city is playing.  But Shark Tank is the one show that we both love equally.  My husband likes the business wheeling and dealing side of the show and I love the personal side of the show, particularly the stories about moms like me who have an idea for a product and work their bootys off to that make that idea an actual business.  I keep trying to think of a reason why The Star Sisters chapter book series should be on Shark Tank but so far nothing rational comes to mind, at least until we start production on Coco and Lucy dolls.  (Kidding.  Kind of.)

Hands down, my favorite Shark Tank guest was Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked.  Susan earned money to start her business by removing the aluminum framing from old windows.  She had a vision for the kind of baby moccasin she wanted to produce and she made it happen, big time.  On the show, Susan scored an investment from Shark Damian and she's recently been traveling across the U.S. selling her moccasins at Land of Nod pop up shops.

I know all about Susan's travels because I, along with roughly 128,000 other people, follow Susan on Instagram.  Impressive number, right?  In an interview with SMP Living Susan cited Instagram as her top marketing source and suggests a 20/40/40 breakdown of content - meaning 20% promotional, 40% about the company (behind the scenes and such), and 40% personal. It helps tremendously that Susan's product is insanely cute and the woman takes full advantage of featuring chubby baby thighs and feet, as she very well should.  But I wonder if this marketing advice can be applied to a publishing venture like Star Sisters?  After all, part of what inspired my to publish Star Sisters independently is the desire to bring a fresher, stylish approach to the children's chapter book genre. So I'm going to give this Instagram marketing thing a shot!  After all, I've spent enough time by myself with just a blank screen for company, it's time to start engaging with the outside world, even if its only virtually.  Baby steps, one social media platform at a time.