These Girls


It's been quite a week.  We're having trouble with the spine alignment on the first book, which is one of those teeny tiny things that becomes a very big thing when it means that your first shipment of books is delayed, you have to hold back on a press release that was supposed to go out two days ago, and you're generally losing your mind as you spend hours debating over minute increments of centimeters.  

And amidst all this head spinning, the worry sets in.  My worry over whether we'll ever get this spine right starts to leak over into worry about my books as a whole and then worry about whether I'm the worst mother ever because I snap at my children when they interrupt me as I'm trying to talk to the production people about previously mentioned worrisome spine.  You get the idea.  

But then I come into the playroom after cleaning up from dinner one night and my girls are sitting quietly and drawing scenes from my book.  My oldest is drawing the Royal Wedding cover, my middle is drawing green stars, and my youngest is on the floor scribbling in one of the few clean pre-release copies that I have set aside for press.  And it takes my breath away.  And for a moment all the worry fades away because I realize that even if everything else is a monster failure, this makes it all worth it.

Thanks girls.  You're my inspiration and my loves.    Mom