crewcuts Cuteness

Okay, can we take a brief break from all this talk of dreams and books to discuss the insane cuteness that is crewcuts these days.  The children's line of J.Crew, crewcuts started a few years ago and it took them a little while to find their groove.  But man, once they found it, they found it.  Their clothes are cool and fun with amazing patterns with not a logo in sight.  I do think they have some quality issues, but I'm also a tough customer in that regard because I expect everything I buy to last through three active little girls.  (FYI, MiniBoden wins the quality card, but that's a whole other post).  

Anyways, I was walking by the store the other day and stopped in my tracks when I saw this dress in the window.  LOVE!  And would you believe it, the dress was 25% off AND the only sizes they had left were the three exact sizes I needed.  So yes, all three came home with me and I think my girls will be wearing them at a rehearsal dinner this summer.  And yes, I love to dress my girls in matching clothes.  My oldest is 6-years old so I probably can't get it away with it much longer and I fully intend to rock the look while I can.

Of course, no discussion of any children's line is complete without asking what Coco and Lucy, the stars of the Star Sisters chapter book series, would wear.  When I wrote the books I intentionally kept Coco and Lucy interchangeable.  It's sometimes hard for kids to keep track of several characters so I wanted them to basically read as two equivalent girls.  But when I started the illustration process with the amazing Annie Zimanski, I realized I had to define each girl a little more.  As I thought about Coco and Lucy I realized that, in my mind, I had really been picturing my two older girls, one who is a brunette just starting into a funky tomboy phase and the other a blond who will only wear dresses, the frillier the better.  I sent Annie a picture of my girls and Coco and Lucy as you see them now were born.

Here's what I'm loving for Coco, because poms-poms make everything better:

While I think Lucy might chose something like this:

lucy shorts.jpg

P.S. How great would this dress be in a dress-up box?  Or walking down the streets of NYC if your kids have got the guts!  I bet it's beautifully made.