Letter to Myself

Dear Jen,

For years you've been writing.  You write in the early morning hours while the rest of your family is sleeping, or in stolen moments during the busy days.  And some of that writing has seen the world, but most of it hasn't.  You've kept it filed away in your computer because you're worried about what people will think.  You're worried it's not good enough.

But this writing is different.  You know it's good enough.  You know you want it out in the world.  But that doesn't mean you're not worried.  That doesn't mean you're not terrified and a little embarrassed about it.  Because there will be many people who think it's not good enough.  They'll criticize the idea and say it's trivial or trashy.   But guess what - there will be others who like it.  Maybe even love it.  And somewhere there will be a mom who you've never met.  And she will have had a very long day with her children.  It will be a day filled with laughter, but also many, many trying moments.  She will have spent the day wondering when in the world her children will be able to get their own snack, pour their own glass of water, or even just find their own socks!  But at the end of that long day she'll get in bed with her daughter and pull out one of your books.  Her daughter will curl up in her arms and she'll smell the sweet scent of her daughter's hair.  And they'll start reading.  And maybe the mom will laugh.  And maybe the daughter will believe in the magic of the necklaces.  And they'll finish the day smiling, both of them.  And that's why you're doing this.  That's why you're putting this out there.   

I know you're a worrier.  And I know you will worry about this project and the way it's received and what people think.  But I also know you want it out there and you are working incredibly hard to get it out there.  And you should feel proud of yourself.  No matter what comes next.