As you can probably tell from the title, this update is over a week late.  Oh well!  There were seven adults, three children, and one large turkey staying at my house last week.  So let's just blame them even though, honestly, my family did most of the cooking and my only excuse is I lost steam and needed a break.  But now I'm fully back in Star Sisters world and ready to give some major belated thanks.  

1. First up is this awesome guy, my husband.  There is no way that I ever, ever, ever could have done any of this without his support.  He has read almost every single word I've written in past ten years (and that includes at least one 300 page chick lit novel).  This post may be the first time I've ever hit print, save, or publish without running my thoughts by him first.  Surprise!  Our four-year old has recently received several proposals of marriage, all of which she has promptly turned down because she's going to marry her dad.  As she says, "What?  He's just the best guy I know."  I could not have said it better myself.  He is far and away the best guy I know.  He always has been.  

2. I'm also thankful for those little pink ladies hanging all over him.  I'm thankful for my oldest daughter who listened to draft after draft of pre-illustration Star Sisters books.  She's probably shaped these stories more than anyone else because, as I read, I would watch her body language.  If she started fidgeting or staring off into space I knew I needed to change course or pump up the action.  Every word I write is with her in mind - what would draw her in, what would make her smile, what would teach her something that I wanted her to learn.

I'm thankful for my middle daughter who is by far the best publicist an author could hope for.  You should see this little girl sell.  She tells everyone she meets that her mom writes the best books ever and then proceeds to list all the reasons why they should buy them.  She even tailors her pitch to her audience!  Just as wonderful is that she'll sit with me for hours wrapping books and making necklaces.  That middle of the day time when we're stuck at home while her little sister naps used to feel endless, but now that she's become my packaging assistant it's a time that we have both started to cherish.

And that littlest one?  Well, she doesn't have an official role in Star Sisters world, but I'm forever thankful for her chubby cheeks, her beautiful belly, and her hilarious toddler comments.  There's nothing like seeing that adorable face at my office door to make any slow sales day feel totally unimportant.

3. I'm thankful for some awesome bloggers like SMP Living, Shelter, Kiki's ListShopping Mama, The Zhush and many more who have given me fabulous reviews.  Marketing in the blogosphere is a funny thing.  There are the mega-blogs that don't respond to emails, the blogs that request free books and then fall off the face of the earth (so frustrating!!), and then there are the bloggers who are just so insanely wonderful and encouraging.  They will read your books with their kids, share them with their followers, and then keep in touch and start to feel like friends.  It's been a privilege to have the support of so many of these creative woman whom I've long admired.

4. I'm thankful for the schools that have invited me to do author visits and the bookstores that have invited me to participate in special events.  It's by far my favorite way to promote my books.

5. I'm thankful for every single person (little and big) who took a chance on me and my books.  Sometimes at 7pm I think about all the kids cuddled in bed who might be reading Star Sisters with their parents and it makes me so, so happy.  Thank you all very much.