Help!  Does anyone know the ladies behind these hilarious What Up Moms YouTube videos?  If you do, please introduce me!  I would like to send them every Star Sisters book ever written and then go out for drinks because I think they are hilarious.  Not since the Modern Family episode where Claire loses her *&%! because she can't figure out Phil's new crazy TV remote control has any parody hit so close to home.  

taylor parody pic.jpg

The Blank Space and Pinterest videos are two of my favorites.  Maybe because they're inspired by Taylor Swift, who of course inspired one of my own Star Sisters books.  Or maybe I love them because they're just so spot on.  See that lady in the middle expertly navigating her monster double stroller through a crowded grouping of Starbucks tables while holding a coffee cup?  Been there, done that.  Many times at many Starbucks.

I can't say I really understand YouTube channels, but it looks like they've got a huge following.  I'm working hard to get my social media act together and there is a ton I still need to learn.  But I can tell you that it takes a lot of hard work (and guts) to run this kind of operation.  Which is why we really need to be friends!  I have so much to learn from them!  Well done ladies, I'm so impressed.