Losing My Marbles

Star Sisters book party up for auction at the Boston Children's Hospital Gala

Star Sisters book party up for auction at the Boston Children's Hospital Gala

Thursday afternoon was not a highpoint in my parenting career.  I was not feeling well, it was freezing, the traffic was terrible, and it was generally one of those afternoons where I had to ask my children approximately 27 million times to put on their shoes and socks.  

But then this really great thing happened.  I was making a frenzied entrance into my oldest daughter's ballet class, which involved blocking all traffic as I half-jumped out of my minivan while my younger two were still strapped into their carseats because I panicked that the ballet class had already gone inside and my daughter would be stranded alone in the lobby and get kidnapped by some fictional stranger who lurks in suburban ballet studios waiting for exactly this situation, when another mom who was talking on her phone saw me and immediately stopped her conversation and said, "Don't worry, I'll watch her for you."

Okay, I get that this is not a "stop the presses" kind of situation.  But until you've been there - that state where you feel like your entire body is on system overload because you're exhausted and sick and yet still solely responsible for everything that your three young children need all day long - it's hard to explain how incredible it is when someone steps in to help.  And this is a mom who I only see occasionally, someone who I met in a sandbox years ago and who I bump into around town.  We don't talk on the phone or go out for drinks, but in just one second without me saying a word, she completely understood my situation.  And I just want to say thanks.  It meant a lot to me.  

I feel like we all have those moments.  I probably have more of them than other moms because I tend to run on the type-A/perfectionist/neurotic side, but I think even my most laid-back mom friends know what I'm talking about.  These moments are a big part of the reason why I wrote Star Sisters with the pop culture angle.  I just feel like when a mother has a day like the one I had on Thursday, no matter how totally spent she is, at night she will still cuddle up in bed and read to her child.  And I really believe that mom (or dad) deserves some fictional entertainment as well.  Whenever I play around with the idea of sending Coco and Lucy on some adventure that has nothing to do with anything pop culture, I just keep coming back to how much parents give and how I want to be able to give a little back to them - even if it's just a smile or silent giggle as they read to their kids at night.  I think we all deserve at least that.  

In other news, this weekend I had a great opportunity to give back to a place that has meant a lot to my family over the years - Boston Children's Hospital.  I was thrilled to offer a Star Sisters book party for auction at their gala and it was so exciting to watch all the bids come in.  I don't know who won the party, but I can't wait to find out!  It's going to be a blast and I'm really looking forward to making star necklaces and writing some stories with a lucky group of little kids.  

And if you're feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of holiday shopping, please come see me this Saturday at the Wellesley Marketplace.  I'll be there with tons of wrapped book bundles.  It's a fabulous, juried event with 175 really talented vendors and I'm honored to be included this year.