Jennifer Blecher Author

Jennifer Blecher is a freelance writer and author of the Star Sisters series.  She originally spent her days in the courtroom working as an Assistant District Attorney.  But after moving to three different states in three years, she realized she needed a career that could travel.  So, while pregnant with her first daughter, she holed up in her small apartment in Boston and did something she always wanted to do: write a novel.  The novel never left the apartment, although Jennifer and her husband have since had two more daughters and moved to the suburbs.  But once she started writing, she found that she could not stop.  Her work has appeared in local and national magazines.  When not writing, Jennifer can be found driving her white minivan, usually with the soundtrack to Frozen blasting in the background (which is not at all the kind of travel she envisioned all those years ago).  She wrote the Star Sisters series in the early morning hours while her children were sleeping because it's the kind of chapter book series she wanted to read. She hopes other parents will feel the same.