A story for them, a treat for us - a children's chapter book series inspired by modern pop culture events.

Once upon a time, there was a tired mama trying to get her three daughters to bed.  It had been a long day - filled with love and laughter - but also tears over tangled hair, desperate pleas to put on shoes, frenzied searches for missing stuffed animals, and oh so many complaints about the broccoli at dinner.      

As the mama climbed between the sheets with her sweet smelling daughters snuggled in close, she started to read.  Although this mama loved reading to her girls, on this particular night she needed a break from chapter books about fairies, talking ponies, and girls who were a little too snarky for their own good.  This mama needed a nice, quiet time-out! 

Figuring there were other mamas out there just like her, she set out to write a new kind of children's chapter book - one that felt magical and emphasized values like kindness and friendship, but had plot lines inspired by modern pop culture events that would keep the mamas of the world engaged and maybe, just maybe, make them laugh.